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Alyssa is co-owner, trainer, and resident behavior consultant of We Speak Dog. Having taken extensive continuing education courses in canine stress, fear, anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety, and socialization, she is well-equipped to deal with a variety of complex behavior problems in dogs.

Alyssa studied Psychology in college, and later attended multiple dog training courses before opening her first training company in North Carolina. She has since worked with several dog training operations across the country, providing much-needed support and education to various organizations.

Alyssa is lead trainer and behavior specialist within We Speak Dog, LLC. She oversees the training for every dog, and ensures their progress stays on track. She believes in working with dogs, not against them. Alyssa believes that by finding what a dog values most, a handler will be most empowered to shape good behaviors and build a lasting relationship with the dog.

Alyssa and her dog Zoey were featured on season 3 of America's Top Dog, where she talked about mental health in dog training, and showcased many of her border collie's impressive behaviors.

In addition to pet training, Alyssa is also a professional performer with Stunt Dog Productions. Performing for the public requires good communication with the dog, a level head, stable temperament (both human and dog, honestly), and clean training. Alyssa takes particular interest in complex behaviors that are to difficult for most trainers to achieve consistently.

Alyssa is also a professional emcee, a certified UpDog judge, judge trainer, and active disc competitor. Her dogs are cross-trained in tricks, dock diving, agility, flyball, high jump, barn hunt, lure coursing/fast CAT, and more.

Alyssa Grelewicz

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