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Send us a message with any specific questions you may have. In the meantime, check out our FAQ below!

  • How many dogs do you take for board & train at once?
    The answer to this questions varies based on what else we have going on in life at that moment, but NEVER more than 4. Four board & train dogs is our absolute limit. Right now as of 11/22/23, we are taking 1-2 dogs at a time, maximum. We are currently occasionally traveling to do NFL halftime shows (we've done 3 just in the last 30 days), which are short little events, but we have a lot of dogs to accommodate for travel. So we currently are not taking XL breeds or more than 2 board & train dogs. Boarding dogs (dogs who are only here for pet sitting) do not necessarily count towards these numbers if we are not traveling. If we are traveling, everything stated above applies. If we are staying home, we can take around 2-3 boarding dogs in addition to the board & train dogs as long as they are friendly and can be integrated with the rest of our pack.
  • My dog is deaf/has a health issue/is disabled. Can you still work with him?
    Definitely! Alyssa and Chris have worked with multiple dogs who have a variety of disabilities, such as blindness, deafness, leg amputations, chronic skin conditions, hip dysplasia, and more.
  • Do you have any size restrictions?
    Yes. We are no longer able to accommodate very large size breeds, like great danes and mastiffs. Our house is relatively small, and these breeds are just too big for us to accommodate comfortably. If you have an XL size breed and are in a desperate situation, reach out to us and there may be something we can work out for an upcharge if no other dogs are currently staying with us.
  • Can you work with dogs who have dietary restrictions?
    Yes! We are familiar with a variety of gut and diet issues, as well as specialty diets. Both of us have fed raw to our dogs at some point in life, so we still have a deep freezer and everything needed to accommodate raw diets. We ask that families who have dogs with significant dietary restrictions please bring their own treats. We go through treats quickly here, so approximately 1 pound for every 3 days of boarding is sufficient. If the dietary restriction is simple (no grain, no chicken), we can likely accommodate this on our own without you needing to provide treats.
  • Do you have any breed restrictions?
    Absolutely not! We are big believers that every dog deserves an equal chance in life, regardless of breed.
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
    Yes and no. The success of our training is entirely dependent on our client following the recommendations we have set in place for them, and we cannot guarantee everyone will do their homework. So we cannot guarantee that if you spend X dollars you will definitely get X results. However, we are committed to improving the lives of pets everywhere, and if it is apparent that you have put in the work, we will be there for you. We guarantee that 100%. We will schedule you an extra lesson, allow you to tag along to lessons with other dogs with similar behavior problems, lend you books, send you videos, anything that helps you learn what you need to learn to help your dog.
  • How old does my dog need to be for us to start training?
    Puppies can start private lessons as early as 8 weeks old, and they can begin a board & train after they receive their final parvo shot around 16 weeks old.
  • Do you train husbands?
    Haha we wish!
  • Do you offer multiple dog discounts?
    Yes, we offer 20% off each additional program of equal or lesser value.
  • Does the whole family need to be there for lessons?
    The short answer is no, the whole family does not HAVE to be there. However, we find it very helpful if at least the two head members of the household (ex: both Mom and Dad attend the session, and they relay info to the kids later) are present.
  • Where will my dog stay during training?
    Your dog will live in our home with us for the entirety of their stay. At night your dog will be crated either in our guest room or our bedroom, both of which are heated, carpeted, smell good, etc. and will feel just like home. Occasionally, we get a dog in for training who cannot be crated for a variety of reasons. In a case like this, we have a small hallway with a baby gate that the dog would stay in at night, assuming they do not eat drywall, baseboards, carpet, etc.
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