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At our core, we strive to combine scientifically-backed knowledge with easy-to-follow dog training concepts that any pet owner can seamlessly implement into their life. We aim to empower every family with a clear and definitive path to resolve their dog's behavioral challenges, rather than leaving them feeling disoriented and unsure.

Meet Chris

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Chris Collier

Chris is co-owner, trainer, sports instructor, and client specialist. He began his dog training career in 2015 by competing in dog sports, primarily Flying Disc. He earned a qualifying ticket to the USDDN World Championship in his first year, and later branched out into pet obedience training.  Chris has a special talent for insecure dogs, and uses his gentle, caring nature to build confidence and predictability in an unpredictable human world.

Chris handles most of our client communications and consultations. With over a decade of experience in corporate America, Chris uses his skills to set clear expectations with clients, communicate effectively through difficult situations, and support pet parents in tough times.

Chris is a professional performer with his dogs through Stunt Dog Productions, and regularly performs across the country in venues such as NFL and NBA halftime shows, live theater, state fairs and festivals, zoos, and corporate events. 

Chris is an active competitor in disc freestyle, with multiple past world records and podium achievements at a world level. Several of his dogs are cross-trained in dock diving, agility, tricks, high jump, flyball, and more.

Chris was featured on Season 2 of America's Top Dog with his dog Demolition.

Chris is a certified UpDog judge, judge trainer, and ambassador.

Chris has provided frisbee seminars across the US and has students in almost every state. He currently works full-time as a dog trainer in Indianapolis.

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Meet Alyssa

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Alyssa Buller

Alyssa co-owner, trainer, and resident behavior consultant of We Speak Dog. Having taken extensive continuing education courses in canine stress, fear, anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety, and socialization.


Alyssa studied Psychology in college, and later attended multiple dog training courses before opening her first training company in North Carolina. She has since worked with several dog training operations across the country, providing much-needed support and education to various programs. 

Alyssa is lead trainer and behavior specialist within We Speak Dog, LLC. She oversees the training for every dog, and ensures their progress stays on track. She believes in working with dogs, not against them. By finding what the dog values, she is able to effectively and quickly shape good behaviors.

Alyssa and her dog Zoey were featured on season 3 of America's Top Dog, where she talked about mental health in dog training, and showcased many of her border collie's impressive behaviors. 

In addition to pet training, Alyssa is also a professional performer with Stunt Dog Productions. Performing for the public requires good communication with the dog, a level head, stable temperament (both human and dog, honestly), and clean training. Alyssa takes particular interest in complex behaviors that are to difficult for most trainers to achieve consistently. 

Alyssa is also a professional emcee, a certified UpDog judge, judge trainer, and active disc competitor. Her dogs are cross-trained in tricks, dock diving, agility, flyball, high jump, barn hunt, lure coursing/fast CAT, and more. She currently works full-time as a dog trainer in Indianapolis.

Notable Appearances of 2021 - 2023

During the "warmer" months of the year, Chris & Alyssa spend their time traveling the country and performing for the public with their 14 incredible dogs. In the "colder" months, Chris & Alyssa stay at home in Indianapolis, work with client dogs, and travel a couple times per month for a halftime show.

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Meet Our Dogs!

Our Methodologies & Philosophies

The Dogs:

We teach dogs that it is fun to do what we want them to do! We prefer dogs to listen to us because they have learned that good things happen when they do, not because they fear what might happen if they don't.


We believe it is best to train animals as kindly as possible, while still setting clear rules and boundaries. ​We strive to foster a relationship between the pet parent and the dog based on a foundation of trust and communication. 

1. Trust: without trust, nothing is possible. Any living being must first feel safe before learning new behaviors.

2. Relationship: Trust later forms a connection between the human and dog. A bond begins to form.

3. Communication: Once a relationship has been established, the dog learns that we can communicate with one another using a common language.

4. Choice: Giving the dog choices builds confidence. When the dog makes desirable choices, we reinforce that choice with something that the dog finds valuable, such as food or a toy. 

The Humans:

We believe in building honest, trusting relationships with our clients as well as their dogs. We strive for full transparency, including the topics that may be difficult to discuss. It is our personal belief that most of our clients are doing the absolute best they can with the knowledge they have. Our clients truly love their dogs and want what is best for them, but may be struggling to get to a point where the relationship with the dog is effortless. This is not the client's fault. The past few years have been very difficult for pet owners, with the pandemic severely inhibiting social activities for humans as well as dogs. It is hardly surprising that many dogs these days are struggling with separation anxiety, lack of socialization, fear-related behaviors, under-developed dog socialization skills, and more. 

We operate our business in an all-inclusive manner. This is a safe space for the LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, disabled, neurodivergent, and any other marginalized community. 

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