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Indianapolis Dog Trainer
Indianapolis Dog Trainer
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Indianapolis Dog Trainer

Relationship-Based Dog Training



Now Accepting New Clients!


Hello friends! As many of you know, we feel very passionately about performing with our dogs, and scouring the country for the absolute best training techniques to bring back home to you guys. This year, we toured the country from Denver to Houston, California to New York, and tons of places in between to teach families about dog training! Now that the season is coming to a close, we are back home in Indianapolis and ready to accept new clients for private lessons and board & train programs. If you are in need of help with your dog, send us a message and we will get back with you promptly! 



As seen on America's Top Dog!

Watch Chris & his amazing dog, Demolition, race through the Top Dog course on Season 2, Episode 6.

Catch Alyssa and her frisbee-chasing, bitey border collie, Zoey, on Season 3, Episode 1!

Why us?

For more than a decade of combined experience, we have spent countless hours attending conferences and seminars, and familiarizing ourselves with the latest industry research and methodology. Over those years, we have listened to pet parents, dog owners, and our own clients to uncover what exactly you are looking for in a dog trainer.

You want simplicity and predictability. You want high quality, skilled trainers who will give you reliable results. You want clear communication, realistic expectations, and reliable follow through. But most of all, you want the absolute best care possible for your best friend.

Starting now, don't let your dog's untrained behavior stop you from having the companion you’ve always wanted. You deserve to be happy with the dog you have in your life. We are here to help you get there.

What makes us different?

We place a special emphasis on our client's experience with us. We want you to know your dog is in the best of hands.

Our experience in pet and family guidance ensures you can always trust us to give our most professional, honest advice in any situation.

We limit our workload to ensure we can give your dog the individualized care and attention they deserve. 

Our Lifetime Support Promise ensures that you will have a dog trainer in your "back pocket" for the rest of your dog's life.

As an independently owned business, we have the flexibility to custom-tailor our programs to meet each dog’s needs.

Our experience as multi-dog-sport competitors has given us an extensive repertoire of tips and tricks to help pet dogs build strong relationships with their humans.​


Your dog's personal

home away from home

Soft beds, tasty treats, lots of cuddles!

As dog owners ourselves, we give your dog the same level of care we would expect a board & train facility to give our own dogs.


While your dog is with us, he is a member of our family.

How do I get started?

Step  1

Schedule a Consultation

Step  2

We meet your family, evaluate your dog, and recommend a suitable program

Step 3

Choose your program and set a start date

Step  4

You and your dog learn a variety of simple, useful, and effective new skills

Step  5

Enjoy life with your new well-behaved family member!

Our Training Methodology


At We Speak Dog, we teach dogs that it is fun to do what we want them to do! We prefer dogs to listen to us because they have learned that good things happen when they do, not because they fear what might happen if they don't.


We believe it is best to train animals as kindly as possible, while still setting clear rules and boundaries. ​We strive to foster a relationship between the pet parent and the dog based on a foundation of trust and communication. 

1. Trust: without trust, nothing is possible. Any living being must first feel safe before learning new behaviors.

2. Relationship: Trust later forms a connection between the human and dog. A bond begins to form.

3. Communication: Once a relationship has been established, the dog learns that we can communicate with one another using a common language.

4. Choice: Giving the dog choices builds confidence. When the dog makes desirable choices, we reinforce that choice with something that the dog finds valuable, such as food or a toy. 

We align our training philosophies with other professional training models, such as the Humane Hierarchy, LIMA, The Hierarchy of Dog Needs, and Fear-Free Pets.



Indianapolis Dog Obedience

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