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Relationship-Based Dog Training


In every moment I spend with my dog, I am working to shape a confident, responsive partner.

-Alyssa Grelewicz (co-owner)

Liesl & Archer

15 Day Board & Train

"Chris and Alyssa have been wonderful in working with us and our dog Archer. After a free consultation, they determined the best plan forward for Archer in dealing with his lack of confidence and resource guarding. They are able to learn how much you know about dog behavior and training, and determine how to help you and your dog move forward! They try to focus all their training on your concerns and your lifestyle! When we sent him to board and train with them, we felt comfortable knowing our little puppy was in good hands. We are excited to continue training with them!"

Ashley & Cash

15 Day Board & Train

"I can not recommend We Speak Dog enough. Our 6 month old cattle dog returned home much more confident and able to make good decisions himself. He learned so many new skills and is walking so nicely on his leash. We will use them for all future needs. Chris and Alyssa will treat your dog like gold."


Tricia & Sky

10 Day Board & Train

"We Speak Dog’s Chris and Alyssa are the dynamic duo of dog training. We Speak Dog loves, owns and trains 10 of their own dogs for sport and stunt dog entertainment. That was impressive to me because if you can train dogs at that high level, I figured dog socialization and obedience would be a piece of cake for them! Right from the start, their approach to my first consultation was different than the other trainers. They asked about not only my dog, but my family and our motivation for adopting a dog. We adopted our 14-week old pup Sky in the middle of the pandemic and with little access to humans, she was under socialized. We Speak Dog recommended the 10-day Board and Train which was the perfect solution. It was hard to be away from our new puppy for 10 days, but she came back more social, more affectionate, more confident and less fearful. She even learned some basic obedience commands and reinforced house breaking and crate training. Most importantly, I know that We Speak Dog treated my dog like one of their own and used only positive reinforcement training methods. They became truly attached to Sky and continue to do follow up visits. I will continue to use We Speak Dog for training and boarding and would not hesitate to refer anyone to their services."

Connie & Maggie

10 Day Board & Train

"Alyssa and Chris are fantastic trainers. Our Maggie Moo was mess and did not follow even basic commands. Being a golden doodle, she is quite stubborn. From the initial consult in our home, Chris was connecting to her and had her sitting and laying down within just a few minutes. We chose the 10-day board and train and Maggie came back a new dog. She now follows basic commands and can sit on her cot during dinner time without begging from our plates. She can go into her crate now. Without barking incessantly. We are still working with her to maintain her new knowledge. I would recommend this training program to anyone who is having trouble with their dog’s behavior."

Maura & Milo

10 Day Board & Train

"Very good quality. More than I ever expected. Alyssa and Chris took Milo, my Jack Russell, who would not do anything I asked and turned him into a much better behaved little guy. He now listens to what I say and does about every thing he is asked to do and not to do. His biggest issue was bad behavior around other dogs; that has stopped. He now knows how to be social. I highly recommend Alyssa and Chris, they gave me the resources to follow up with when Milo returned home, checked in with me and were always available for questions. They were just what I needed when I thought there was no hope! Thank you Alyssa and Chris."

Susan & Sasha

Private Lessons

"Chris and Alyssa have been there for us when we needed them. We adopted a 3 year old dog in April, and they provided so much insight into our dog's behaviors that we would have misinterpreted. They have given us wonderful training tips. We have really enjoyed working with them, and look forward to the day when our dog is ready to go visit them at their home!"

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