Here at We Speak Dog, we strive to give you and your dog the best training experience imaginable.

We understand that signing up for a training program can feel like a daunting process for most pet parents.

"Where will my dog sleep?"

"Will he miss me?"

"How can we make sure I am learning everything my dog is learning?"

"What if we have problems down the road?"

These are 100% normal, common questions that we have received during our combined 11 years of dog training. We feel it is our responsibility to help you feel more at ease about your entire dog training experience. We offer tours of our property so that you can come see exactly where your dog will eat, sleep, play, and train. You will receive regular text, photo, and even video updates of your pup during their stay with us! We are your dog's home away from home.

We want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck, which is why we created our Lifetime Support Promise. This is just like having a dog trainer in your "back pocket" that you can talk to anytime about your dog's behavior problems. We encourage our clients to remain in contact with us for the duration of your dog's life. We want to hear about everything that happens! Fido finally sat nicely for his veterinary examination? Tell us! Sadie quietly chewed her bone last night while your guests had a game night? We want to know! Helping families, one dog at a time is our goal. Let's get started!

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Our Services

Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great way to give you and your dog the individualized attention you deserve. This ensures you and your dog are both learning the information necessary for behavioral progress to occur. Our lessons are about 60 minutes long, and can take place in your home or in public. 

Board & Train


A board & train is the most effective way to achieve expedited behavioral progress. Allow the professionals to give your dog an obedience kickstart, and enjoy a well-behaved dog that much sooner!

Unsure what to do choose?

You're not alone! Most of the people we work with have never hired a dog trainer in their life. Some people have hired a trainer before, but the results they wanted were not achieved. Maybe you trained your last dog yourself, but this new dog is displaying behaviors that have caused you to hit a brick wall. Maybe this is your first dog and you don't know the first thing about dog behavior or training. Or maybe you're just looking for something fun to deepen your relationship with your dog. We've seen it all! Whether we are your first dog trainers or your 100th, we want to be your last! 

A quality relationship with your dog trainer starts with realistic expectations and an appropriate program recommendation. This is why we do consultations! A consultation gives us the opportunity to meet your family, evaluate your dog, and examine your lifestyle. From there, we can make a program recommendation that suits you and your dog best. Our recommendation is based on years of education, trial & error, and colleague consulting. Our suggestion will include everything we believe will set your dog and your family up for success, and to ensure you have all the appropriate tools moving forward to solve any future problems your dog may encounter.

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